After we receive your service call, we will schedule an appointment time to be on-site. We will evaluate the problem, let you know the cost of the repair, then clean, lube and, before leaving, run diagnostic tests to confirm that the problem has been repaired.

1:   On-Site Service
  2:   Maintenance   Contract
​3: Network Cabling

Purchasing a maintenance contract on your equipment can help you budget your repair costs.  Maintenance includes all labor, cleaning and parts.  We also provide a discount for multiple machines placed under contract.

We install network cabling.  We will first evaluate the project and provide you with an estimate for the installation. 

We will come to your site and evaluate your signal strength and weaknesses. We can install an amplifier or antenna to reach any areas with low signal strength. 

A Gold Care Package can be purchased for $780.00.  This is equivalent to 12 hours at $65.00 per hour. This plan can be used for any type of labor cost. 

​5: Gold Care Package
4:  zBoost Cell Amp

6:  Sales

We sell new and used office equipment, including HP and Lexmark printers and multi-function machines.

Special $65.00/hr. rate for servicing HP B/W laser printers !!!!!